Thursday, August 19, 2004

No one is paying enough attention to Venezuela, but Thor Halvorssen is on the ground down there and has a report. His mother was just shot by a group of Hugo Chávez's supporters.

Thor has been covering the Chávez regime for a while and has reported on some truly horrifying stuff, like the torture of Jesus Soriano. It makes you wonder how some Americans--both Democrats and some Republicans, like Jack Kemp--can offer Chávez cover.

I suppose it's possible that Chávez really does have popular support (although I doubt it), but that isn't entirely comforting. As George Will noted yesterday, government that is "all sail and no anchor" often leads to trouble. Democracies produced both Napoleon and Franco.


Albert said...

The fact that Jimmy Carter came out the morning following the election and proclaimed it to be legitimate should raise an automatic red flag to anyone with one-eighth of a brain. Carter has never met a marxist dictator he didn't love.

Anonymous said...

I did several posts on this over a year ago. People, for some reason I have no understanding of, just don't give a shit about the terrorists literally in our own backyard.

This guy imported real al Qaeda operatives into his country and even gave some of them positions within his government.

How the Hell can anyone who claims to love America support or even ignore what's happening down there?

Anonymous said...

We can give Chavez cover just like we give cover to any two bit dictator who tortures and long as they are torturing in the name of freedom and our way of life.
Jeez, we have the School of the Americas where we teach the finer points of torturem again, as long as that torture is directed solely at people who oppose our ideas.
Chavez has the support of the poor and when you have that you are automatically a villian and a commie sypathizer.
There would be no Chavez if the previous regimes had not ignored the poor and used them for door mats and stepping stones to their own wealth.
Get over it.
Army veteran

Marianela Lander said...

60% of Venezuelans are desperately struggling to return to a democracy, with no help from Carter. The Referendum was riddled with fraud and Jimmyboy knows it. What's more, he knew it before his "fair and square announcement". Only Cesar Gaviria seems to be paying attention and he's on his way out. What an impediment: oil. The need for oil makes government leaders shamefully bow their heads, and not exactly in prayer.