Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Because it's Valentine's Day:
What an age of wonders we live in. Finally the day has come where you can make gay cowboy dolls based on movie characters hump each other, because some genius on eBay is selling a handmade 'Brokeback Mountain' doll set, including dolls based on the Heath Ledger and Jake Gyllenhall characters, 2 horses, a campfire, a dog, a tent, a liquor bottle and a tree. The dolls come with a hand painted background set and are fully pose-able. Or at least it says they're fully pose-able. My Kim Possible and Catwoman dolls said the same thing, but it's almost impossible to keep them in a 69, and they usually fall over, sometimes before I'm even finished. Couple of teases is what they are.


Anonymous said...

I found that if you use the whips and chains and the strap on that comes with the Catwoman doll, Kim Possible tends to stay in place better.... I'm still looking for a Trailer Trash Barbie to add to the mix. Maybe I could renew my faith in my childhood cowboy heroes by adding an Outlaw Josie Wales doll for a foursome. Now there is a real cowboy, him and the Duke!


Anonymous said...

ou are a bad man, JVL.