Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Happy Hell Day

Yes, for my fellow End of Times/End of Days/Armageddon/Deep Impact observers, today is truly significant--the sixth day of the sixth month of the sixth year of the millennium. Could a baby born today be the anti-Christ? Now before we do something rash, let me offer these thoughts: Being born on 06/06/06 is bad luck, but I wouldn't make much more of it than that. Unless the child is a boy and his parents name him Damian. Secondly, there is some dispute over the anti-Christ being born on 06/06/06 or being conceived on the said date. If it is the latter, I urge everyone to abstain until midnight.

But what more appropriate timing for the release of The Omen with Julia Stiles? From what a friend who previewed the remake tells me, it is pretty much the same film. Except it is Stiles instead of Lee Remick and Liev Schreiber instead of Gregory Peck. Most disappointing is the absence of the chorus chanting "Damian!" and "Sanctus! Dominus!"

But does this also mean we will be treated to remakes of The Omen II and III? Will we again be subjected to horrors such as the kid trapped beneath the ice pond and the woman who gets her eye gouged out by a crow before she gets smacked by an 18-wheeler? (If you saw these films in your youth, thanks to HBO, you never forget them.)

And does anyone remember who played Damian in The Omen III? (Hint: He never got to go to Montana.)


epinionated1 said...

Sam Neill. Thanks Matus for two trips down amnesia lane...now Borodin, get me full power! And Ryan turn that wheel until this reads 315.

Anonymous said...

Julia Stiles will never replace Lee Remmick in my heart!

Anonymous said...

So, instead of the now-classic soundtrack by Jerry Goldsmith, does the new "Omen" use Jay-Z?