Friday, June 16, 2006

Law & Order Deathwatch

The new cast is here. Refugees from CSI: Miami and Conviction. One of them is a chick replacing Dennis Farina (although the story amusingly refers to him as "Dennis Fontana").

I have no problem with a female detective, but if they wanted to go that route, why not have S. Epatha's character busted down to detective for some sort of insubordination and pair her with Jesse Martin? They have a great, semi-adversarial dynamic already.


Anonymous said...

THAT, my friend, is a brilliant idea!

Anonymous said...

Horatio's wife? She's hot.

arrScott said...

Well, the new ADA can't be worse than that girl from Angel before the last one.

But WTF? They couldn't keep Dennis Farina around for a few more years? Replacing Briscoe with Detective Mike Torello from Crime Story was such a coup. And how is the new detective going to work with the traditional veteran/young punk dynamic?

If they wanted a woman, they should have brought Kathryn Erbe's Detective Eames over from Criminal Intent. She's completely underused on that show, and her character is clearly a fantastic procedural police officer. Usually on that show it's all psychology, blah blah blah, motivation, blah blah blah, profile, blah blah blah, and during those bits it's all about Vincent D'Onofrio's Detective Goren. But whenever there's actual TV policing to be done -- people to be shot, suspects to be chased down, roughed up, or apprehended, SWAT teams to lead, and so forth, Eames is like supercop.

Of course, the real solution should have been bringing back Michael Imperioli's Detective Falco, even though he's not a girl, and even though they tried to wreck his character with the whole murdered woman in his bedroom episode earlier this year.

Anonymous said...

I'm thinking that if they busted her for doing something wrong, they probably would make her switch to another precinct, you know, in real life, thereby putting an unreal spin on things, maybe.

Anonymous said...

What is this show "Law & Order" that everyone keeps referring to?