Monday, June 19, 2006

It's in the Vault!

In the event of an "Extinction Level Event" (yes, my nod to Deep Impact), the seeds of our planet will be stored in the Arctic Circle. The Global Crop Diversity Trust, in cooperation with the Norwegian government, has agreed to begin building this "Doomsday Vault." Which leads to a few questions:

If a nuclear or geologic catastrophe were to befall us, our only hope would be to travel to the Arctic Circle? On foot?

Would only the Norwegians have access to it?

Suppose a catastrophic event were to occur in the Arctic Circle and the rest of the world was then covered in water. And the only person who can get to the vault has gills on his neck and lives like a pirate on the High Seas?

Or what if the team building the vault comes across a dog being shot at by the Norwegians, who fail to kill it. The dog then mutates and kills other dogs, and eventually it becomes evident there is an alien virus living among the team, incubating, and ready to terrorize other humans?

I don't think this vault is a very good idea.


WWB said...

Fair enough, but it could also be considered a nod to Busta Rhymes.

arrScott said...

It certainly explains away the biggest plot hole in the Mad Max series: All the crop seeds are in Norway, which is about as far away from Australia as you can get. But then, what did Auntie Eternity feed her pigs?

Anonymous said...

What if the vault is discovered by one post-Apocalypse survivor wearing an old, tattered US Postal Service uniform? Then the seeds will never get delivered....