Monday, June 19, 2006

Is Kryptonite the New Botox?

Ross Douthat has an interesting observation:
It's a small thing, but it's interesting to look at the various live-action incarnations of Superman over the years (scroll down on this Moriarty DVD column to get a good look), and notice how the Man of Steel gets progressively younger and more boyish as time passes. George Reeves looks like your Dad, Christopher Reeves looks like your youngish uncle, Dean Cain looks like your older brother - and now Brandon Routh looks like, well, the 1980s Superboy. (It's also worth pointing out that there's a new movie coming out about George Reeves, who started playing Superman in 1953 at thirty-nine, and committed suicide at forty-five. It stars, naturally, Ben Affleck - who is thirty-four, and projects the gravitas of a twenty-five-year old.)


Anonymous said...

I've been a Superman fan ever since, as a child, I watched George Reeves in those grainy reruns. I had a childish crush on him, an adolescent crush on Chris Reeves, and a fairly mature liking for Dean Cain. This newest Superman is a baby, and I'd feel remarkably close to inappropriate were I to have a crush on him! I guess the next movie will have Superman with acne and braces.

Anonymous said...

More proof (if any were needed) that Superman is for poofters?

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