Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Thanks to Galley friend S.B. who sends us this link to a Daily Mirror story on a boy born yesterday and named Damian. The mother is a fan of The Omen and thought it would be a great idea to induce labor so that the baby could be born on 06/06/06. Damian supposedly weighed in at 6 lbs. 6 oz. but was delivered at 6:59 am.

So what's next? Dobermans? A tattoo on his scalp? Will he take up ice hockey? Please let this be the end of it.


arrScott said...

Apropos of nothing, true story: As a child, one of my friends had the phone number 934-4666. Somewhere around 7th grade, everyone started teasing him that if you wanted to reach Jason, just call nine-three-four-for-Satan.

At first this, and the brief fad for prank-calling his house, rankled him. But slowly he embraced it. First he came to laugh about his number. But then things got darker. He developed a flair for the sinister and for making provocatively amoral statements. He started using "Natas Pishrow" as a personal slogan. He was rooting for Darth Vader and the Empire long before the rest of us realized that Yoda is really the bad guy. And so on, until Junior year, when he started reading Nietzsche and self-identifying as an ethics-transcending superman. (Seriously. He identified strongly with Raskolnikov in honors English; his basic attitudes were "What did he do wrong? He needed the old woman's money," and "What a pussy Rodya turned out to be.")

It really affected his whole personality, this 666-related teasing, and he graduated high school as a very dark, vaguely frightening, amoral egomaniac with megalomaniacal leanings. (But still a good friend.) Got a ROTC scholarship and went into the Air Force.

Anonymous said...

Wesley Clarke?