Friday, June 09, 2006

Michael Bay Demands Your Money

The Transformers movie website is up.


Jenny said...

They're filming here in Vegas right now at the Hoover Dam.


jon said...

Forgive me. I always thought Transformers were gay then, and I still haven't really come off that opinion. Maybe it's because they were pricey, and mom wouldn't buy them. Maybe because they're just gay.

Side anecdote: My first college roommate was an odd one. He had Transformers. I'd leave for a class, and I'd notice that they were on his desk in their car or airplane forms. I'd come back and they were on his bed in their robot form.

James G. Poulos said...

Not only were Transformers -- the original Transformers -- not "gay," they were in fact harbingers of an elegiac doomworld that far exceeded the heaviness quotient of that of most, if not all, of their peers.

They were also for a time some of the most well-made toys on planet Earth, and I recall that at their height a line of Transformers were offered that did triple changes -- robot to tank to fighter jet, for example. These little triumphs of modern engineering perfected one's hand-eye coordination without resort to a joystick and a TV.

Of course, nothing about this nostalgia trip can redeem what will surely be a wretched superfluity of a film, which (of course) is precisely the business model upon which The (New) Transformers Movie is based.

Anonymous said...

"Transformers were offered that did triple changes -- robot to tank to fighter jet, for example."

I'm pretty sure Leon Kass is against them for this very reason. And rightly so. FX