Monday, June 19, 2006

Once and Future Jordan?

Take a look at last night's box score and tell me that you still think LeBron is the best guard in the NBA, the heir-apparent to Jordan's throne. Miami won Game 5 with only three players in double-figures. Wade went over 40 for the second time in the Finals. And he went 21 of 25 from the line, including clutch shots to tie and go ahead at the end of OT.

The Bron-Bron hype machine may never relent. Nike and ESPN may continue to shove him down our throats and proclaim him the Chosen One.

But if I was starting a franchise, I'd take Wade ahead of LeBron, no questions asked.


arrScott said...

The very notion of an "heir-apparent to Jordan's throne" or thinking of a player as "the next Jordan" is a contradiction in terms. Is LeBron the best player in the NBA, or even of his generation? Maybe, maybe not. But the difference between Jordan and his peers was not a matter of degree, it was a matter of kind. If we can even contemplate a reasonable debate over which of several players is the "heir-apparent to Jordan's throne," then by definition the throne has no heir.

Dan Wismar said...

Hey JVL, Wade is amazing, but LeBron did outscore him and outrebound him by significant margins against the same league this year, with a lesser supporting cast. And in case you weren't watching, LeBron had no less impressive and dominant a playoff performance than Wade's (other than that minor "winning" thing...and I just finished watching Wade win the NBA Title tonight).

I'm not convinced that James is hyped by the league and the corporate sponsors more than Shaq and Wade and others. And by the way, James has been called the Chosen One since I think junior high

I think they'll both have multiple rings before it's over. Nike is just a sideshow. These kids are both unreal players. It's not unlikely that it will be the Cavs and Heat for the East next year. That'll be fun.