Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Actor, Rower, Swordsman, Spy

Last night's Inside the Actor's Studio featured Hugh Laurie, who is both cooler and more quick-witted than Dr. Gregory House. It turns out that he was a stud rower at Eton and Cambridge and while at university was snogging Emma Thompson.

You'll want to catch it on repeat.


Kathleen Nelson said...

It was good, I will agree, but what is it with Inside the Actor's Studio? They spend two hours on Barbra Streisand or Tom Cruise, and those are intolerably long and incredibly pompous. But when someone really interesting comes along, why must they chop up the episodes like a half-assed sushi chef to get more commericals in? It's really annoying. Grrrrr.

Anonymous said...

I learned about Thompson and Laurie when Thompson was on The Tonight Show earlier this year. I quote from memory:

THOMPSON: He was my boyfriend, first term . . .
LENO: First time?
THOMPSON: No, first term. (To the audience) What do you Americans call it? (Pause) "Semester", thank you. To me, that sounds like pregnancy, though.

If I remember correctly, she also said she used to literally hold up a physically exhausted Laurie to help take him to classes.

Anonymous said...

"...and while at university was snogging Emma Thompson."

I don't suppose you meant "shagging?"

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