Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Just for Matus

I'm not even sure he reads this blog anymore, but this Bill Simmons mailbag is just for Vic:
Q: After the "Entourage" episode when Vince had $300,000 riding on multiple blackjack hands and the chucklehead sitting to his left split his face cards, as it always does for Vince's crew, things worked out and dealer busted, followed by Ari kissing the chucklehead on his bald dome. Shouldn't there have been a Public Service Announcement at the end of the episode instructing amateurs not to split a 20. ... Or at least have had Johnny Drama beat the pulp out of the dude in the final scene while screaming "Never split a 20!"?
--Ben, Charlotte, N.C.

SG: I like the idea of the public service announcement. It could have been like one of those '80s sitcom moments -- Vince and the gang staring seriously into the camera and saying, "Tonight's episode was a dramatization. In real life, you should never split 10s when someone else has $300,000 riding on the table, unless you want to be beaten up, mutilated or murdered outside the casino later that same night. Please respect everyone else at your table. Thank you."


That Dude said...

Simmons is a god. I just wish he was able to answer the question about WNBA chicks.

Anonymous said...

I know it's considered bad gambling etiquette to split 10s in blackjack, but the only person affected by this boneheaded move is the chump who does the splitting. The rest of the cards in the deck are still just as random. A dumb move on one player's part is just as likely to help subsequent players as it is to hurt them. It's really a ridiculous superstition, if you think about it. (Though this doesn't take away from the idiocy of splitting 10s.)