Monday, August 21, 2006

Rachel McAdams

Read this and tell me you don't love her even more.

I stand by my earlier claim that 20 years from now, Mean Girls will be remembered not as a LiLo vehicle, but as the film that launched McAdams's career.


Bizarro Jack said...

If they do "The Time Traveler's Wife," I'll be all over that. That book RULED.

Bizarro Jack said...

. . . and speaking of Ryan Gosling, WTF is up with Half Nelson playing nowhere near DC? That is really irritating to me.

Anonymous said...

Shorter article: "She's so selective. She's only do quirky, interesting films. ... She may do a remake of Get Smart." HUH??? Didn't that last line ruin the entire theme? I mean, I like Get Smart as much as the next guy, but doing a remake of an old TV show shows her as quirky and selective? I don't THINK so.