Monday, August 21, 2006

Wii for about $170

It's not quite official confirmation, but it seems likely. Meanwhile, Sony hasn't begun manufacture of the PS3 yet.

So here's a question: If, in November, the Nintendo Wii is $170, the xBox 360 drops to $299, and there's a shortage of $600 PS3s, which system would you be least likely to buy?


Anonymous said...

600$ OUCH!!! With that kind of price tagging with it, Sony better come up with something that will blow everyone's mind off. If I had that kind of dough then it's no porblem but if not then that's the least of my worries. The nintendo console sounds like a fair deal to me.

Michael said...

I just saw a fun video on the web comparing the Wii and PS3.
Good Job nitendo.

arrScott said...

What mind-blowing capabilities could PS3 possibly offer that would justify a $600 console? The video quality of XB360 is already basically too high; well-designed games mostly aren't maxing out the video capabilities of the platform, and games designed to max out the video capabilities mainly seem to treat game design as an afterthought. Existing consoles already offer great sound, seamless online multiplayer gaming, and all kinds of other basically useless bells and whistles.

About the only thing that would make me consider $600 for a console is plain-English voice-conversant NPC AI that passes the Turing test. Or projection holography. Or a space combat game used by aliens to recruit the most talented earth pilots into their interstellar battle fleet.