Sunday, August 06, 2006

It's a Manning World After All

Galley Brother B.J. sends in this NFL rule change and comments:
If this doesn’t work next year, there’ll be a rule requiring the opposing quarterbacks in the Superbowl to be brothers.

Also, fumbles are now still live after the whistle, gee that’s not going to lead to a bunch of late hits.


Anonymous said...

I find the restriction of movement pre snap on both sides of the line kind of a feminization of footballs and a little anal retentive. There is no reason for it.

Anonymous said...

Let's cut down on Peyton Manning's excessive pre-snap antics too.

Manning obviously uses these antics to get the defense back on its heels rather than to call audibles.

Anonymous said...

I woulda gone just the other way on pre-snap movement.

The worst part of football is all game stoppages. Do we really need a tv timeout before a kickoff and right after the return?

Better to let the offensive side do anything they want, head-fakes, etc. and force the defense to rush only once the ball is snapped...

This would be a better way to protect QBs than all the position-specific penalties which really make the QB the girl on the field.