Friday, September 08, 2006

Backyard Wrestling

Do you ever watch wrestling? Do you ever notice the warning that airs before the show where they caution viewers that the following actions are performed by highly-trained professional athletes and should not be attempted at home? I never really understood why they had that disclaimer.

Until now. Check out this backyard wrestling. These guys have entrance music and championship belts and everything. If you want to, jump right to the 4:20 mark, where "Joey Gunns" gets "Rage" on the roof of a garage and knocks him off of it--with some sort of flaming club.

If you turn up the sound right before that happens, you'll hear the cameraman muttering, "Somebody's dying tonight."

This is going to make your weekend.

Bonus: If you're as fascinated by this as I am, you can see how Rage won the title in this classic match.


jon said...

These people should be put to sleep.

The best part is in the second match where the dude with the fro uses the imaginary ropes to gain momentum for a closeline.

Anonymous said...

tell me this doesn't look like the most fun you'll ever have. Go ahead, say it, but you'd be LYING!

Those guys are a miracle of evolution. Not in the "what amazing speed and size" miracle of evolution, but "how did evolution pass these guys by" miracle of evolution.

Anonymous said...

Wait, I thought the first rule of fight club was... never mind. FX