Thursday, September 28, 2006

ESPN Mobile: Dead!

We've been waiting for this news for what seems like ages and now it has finally arrived: ESPN Mobile is dead.

How satisfying is it? Plenty, but you have to follow the link to see the internal ESPN memo describing the news:
we confronted a very competitive sales environment for our MVNO while at the same time attracting significant interest from others to license distribution of Mobile ESPN. Taking all of this into account and after careful consideration, we have decided to change direction and turn Mobile ESPN into a licensed wireless application to be offered by one or more major national carriers. This shift will allow us to get Mobile ESPN's critically acclaimed content to many more fans much more quickly.

It's not a failure, it's an advance!

And if you really, really want to wallow, keep scrolling down into that comments thread. It's priceless. Samples:
Bort says:

ESPN shouldn't kill ESPN has 150 million reasons to be alive.


DirtyJersey says:

I heard they had to pry the last two out of Jason Whitlock's mouth.


Mitch Comstein, my roommate says:

kim etheridge had this to say:

'espn mobile is not closing down operations... it had an allergic reaction to the reality'


Dr.Venkman says:

I heard that ESPN Mobile "inappropriately vibrated" on an assistant at an Outback Steakhouse.

Go read the rest. It's classic.


Anonymous said...

It's not dead, it was just a suicide attempt. Oh wait, that was someone else.

Hey, don't blame me! I was simply relying on a police report from the Dallas Police Department.

That Dude said...

They spent 80Mill for 30,000 customers. Gotta love that ROI.