Thursday, September 14, 2006

Celebrity Voiceovers (cont.)

Continuing our discussion of celebrity voiceovers, last night I saw an ad for "The Coca-Cola Companies" featuring the four-pack-a-day perfection of Angie Harmon.

I can't find the ad online, but I think it was part of Coke's new "Make Every Drop Count" promotion, which seems to be an effort to head off a coming Morgan Spurlockish anti-soft drink campaign. It's kind of creepy: Coke has even launched The Beverage Institute for Health & Wellness, which sounds like it was founded by Nick Naylor.

Still, Angie Harmon's voicework is so good--really, she could make an entire career with those pipes--that I found myself yearning for any number of products from the Coca-Cola Family of Beverages.

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Anonymous said...

She was Commisioner Barbara Gordon in Batman Beyond. For such a short-lived show, there were some pretty big names doing voices. George Takei was in the pilot episode/movie as well.