Thursday, September 14, 2006

I just had lunch with this guy, which was about the fourth coolest thing I've ever done. (Warning: Do not click that link if anyone within earshot will be offended by very, very bad words.)

He talked about a charity which is worth your valuable time, it's called Unmet Needs.

Unmet Needs is an offshoot of the VFW and it helps the families of servicemen and women who, with their spouses off fighting our wars, have been left in the financial lurch.

Besides the fact that this is a noble and important cause, it's also one that both sides of the political spectrum should be able to get behind. Conservatives should help because this is crucial to the war effort and liberals should help because the necessity of Unmet Needs is a testiment to the failure of our government to take care of the best among us.

If you can, please help, by either donating money, or volunteering your skills and time. Just click here.

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