Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Kickoff Week for the NFL

Obviously, this isn't funny, particularly not for Chargers' lineback Steve Foley:
About 3:30 a.m., the off-duty officer started following a suspected drunk driver in the area of northbound Highway 163 and Highway 52, Brugos said. The vehicle was described as weaving and its speed ranged from 30 to 90 mph and nearly hit several vehicles, he said.

After stopping at a red light, the off-duty officer pulled beside Foley, identified himself as a police officer, and ordered him to pull over, but Foley drove away, Brugos said. Foley stopped again, and got out of his car, approaching the officer, according to police. The officer again identified himself, pulled out a gun, and ordered the suspect several times to stop, Brugos said.

“However he continued to walk toward the officer, making the statement, 'That's a bb gun',” Brugos said.

Foley then got back into his car and the off-duty officer followed him to a cul-de-sac in Poway, where Foley lives.

Foley got out of the car and started walking toward the officer, while his female passenger drove the car alongside him, Brugos said. The officer identified himself again and then fired a warning shot into the bushes, Brugos said. Brugos said the female then revved the engine and drove directly at the officer, by then out of his car; the officer fired two shots at Foley's vehicle. The officer was not hit by the car.

Foley reached into his pants with his right hand as he approached the officer and the officer fired at the suspect. Foley acknowledged he'd been shot, Brugos said, but continued to move toward the officer, who fired again. Foley then fell to the ground.

But it is weird.


arrScott said...

Questions this leaves me with:

San Diego police fire warning shots? Good thing those were empty bushes and not, say, kids out on a prank run hiding in the bushes from the headlights.

Like most police departments and the U.S. military, the SDPD issues a 9mm sidearm. It takes two shots with a 9mm at close range to stop an unpadded, walking lineback? Doesn't that argue for a return to police and military sidearms that chamber a .45 ACP round?

Bizarro Jack said...

To arrscott: I read a scientific study on this, but I've never shot anyone or been shot. Whether someone who has been shot falls to the ground or not is pretty much all in that person's head, that is, unless the bullet strikes something that is required to be operational for a person to stand up (like the knees, the spine, the heart etc.). Most people will fall because they don't know what else to do, and/or more than anything else, they desperately do not want to be shot again. If you are shot by the type of person you expect would keep shooting you on the ground, you might want to think it through before falling . . .
maybe there's something better you could do.

Football clubs really ought to offer training on dealing with police. Consider passing out actual yellow "get out of jail free" cards with the team logo on the back. It could have saved this senseless violence.