Thursday, September 07, 2006

Dunkin Heaven

This wonderful news goes out to Galley Friend R.K.A., the original OBG:
As part of its plans to expand from ubiquitous New England doughnut chain to ubiquitous American coffee chain, Dunkin' Donuts will announce plans today to add 325 stores in Washington and Baltimore by 2010, marking the region as a focal point of its effort to open more than 10,000 new stores around the country by 2020.

Sic semper arabicus. Bring on the light and sweet.


Anonymous said...

No fault of theirs, but I'll never forget the image of a DD in Camden -- scary place, scary people. FX

Anonymous said...

Oh, isn't this special. Jonathan gets his precious arabicus, just the way he likes it. No surprise there. Just another neo-con annexation, isn't it?

Tell me, Jonathan, what real American patriot calls a Cup o'Joe arabicus? Because it ain't Bill O'Reilly, that's for damn sure.

I will not acknowledge foreign coffee beans! And I REFUSE to pronounce crepe correctly!!! DUNK YOUR DONUT IN THAT, ABACUS BOY!!!

Anonymous said...

And just to give you incentive, the support stopping illegal immigration and the hiring of illegals. Buy an extra box now and then.