Monday, February 26, 2007

Game Stuff

It's a Sony-hating mash-up video. I applaud it.

Also, there's this bit about Call of Duty: The Lawsuit. Very interesting.

And let's not skip over this awesome piece of news: Sony didn't just delay the European launch of the PS3 because of supply problems--the company has decided to give European gamers an updated version of the console that's different from what Japanese and North American consumers bought. How's it different?

The European version of the PS3 will apparently not feature the PS2's Emotion Engine chip and will rely mainly on software to emulate PS2 compatibility. The result is that backwards compatibility will be limited compared to the U.S. and Japanese models. Some analysts see this as a positive, though.

The positive comes from the long-term production cost savings:

initial analyst reaction to the move by SCEE has been positive. In a note from the folks at Datamonitor, analyst Alex Kwiatkowski said, "By utilizing the latest hardware Sony is able to rationalize the number of components required. This move is significant, as it will have a positive impact on the PS3's long-term cost profile. By launching the PS3 in Europe with the new chassis, Sony has at a stroke removed one of the barriers to future price reductions, and providing it can make enough units available, Datamonitor believes there will be sustained growth in PS3 ownership as new users seek to benefit from the PS3's enhanced features and functionality."

Of course, that assumes demand high enough to realize savings. The real question is: When will PS3 ads begin appearing in European Sunday circulars?


Anonymous said...

Thanks for spreading the video, still makes me laugh!

Anonymous said...

You're missing the real news here, JVL! The Euros will get a cut rate version of the ps3 WITHOUT THE EMOTION ENGINE!!! Good lord, what are they gonna do?!? They'll be stuck playing a soulless borg-like psuedo-playstation that lacks the ability to feel real emotion. They ought to just rename it the PS-Spock.

I'm taking my Xbox 360 dancing tomorrow night. At least it really loves me.