Thursday, February 08, 2007

More on the F-22

Galley Friend Michael Goldfarb has another disturbing post about the F-22 Raptor--maybe "disturbing" is too strong a word. How about bizarre: There's talk of selling the F-22--to Japan.

Japan is, of course, one of our staunchest allies. But talk about one of history's jokes. Goldfarb has the punchline at the end of this post.

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Anonymous said...

The worry over the Japanese "gaining" secret technology in such a deal I find a bit ironic, since, though not an expert, it has been my understanding that some, more than a little, of the technology used in weapon systems like the F-22 can trace their RandD origins back to Japan. If not for a good number of Japanese gadgets would there be an F-22 at all? For this, namely that the loss/gain of secret technology is a two-sided coin, and for obvious strategic reasons, selling the Japanese this plane seems the decent thing to do. Let us hope the joint work on missile defense technology continues as well. Throw the Israelis into the mix, and Taiwanese chips, and you might just be able to actually get the job done.