Monday, February 05, 2007

Super Bowl

In terms of collective quality of play, maybe the worst Super Bowl game in my lifetime. The only comparable messes are the Ravens-Giants in 2001 and Bucs-Raiders in 2003.

There have been worse games, I suppose, but not many games where the collective talent on the field was so terrible. The Bears are on the list of worst teams to appear in a Super Bowl since '82. And name the Super Bowl champs who were worse than the Colt. Again, it's a short list.

That said, the Prince halftime show was the best I've ever seen. To relive the glory, it's in two parts on YouTube. Part 1 and Part 2.

Update: From Galley Brother B.J.:

This year’s Super Bowl taught me that I actually know nothing about football.

I’d have thought that in bad weather the Bears would want to pressure Manning, take away the short passes, and force him to beat them over the top. I’d never have thought of Lovie Smith’s ingenious strategy of playing every down like it's 3rd and 15, not pressuring Manning, and giving up a safe 8 to 10 yard pass on every play. (Did Smith think he had a huge lead and could trade yards for time. Or did he just not want to risk getting blown out and was playing to lose while keeping it close-ish?)

I had thought that loose balls were very important and that you want to see your players diving after the ball once it's fumbled, like Grossman did after his HB fumbled right in front of him. Rather than pulling a Manning and watching the ball hit the ground 5 yards away and then refuse to go near it because there are defensive players running towards it. (How is it that no one called Manning out on this last night?)

I’d say Manning’s performance was nothing even remotely special. He had one touchdown pass because the Bears decided not to cover Wayne and a bunch of yards and a high completion percentage because the Bears weren’t covering anything short. And he refused to risk contact by not going after a loose ball after his HB fumbled near the Bears' 35. I’m not saying I could have put up those numbers against that Bears defense, but I’m saying Bubby Brister could have.

Of course, most talking heads/experts will disagree with me.

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Anonymous said...

I actually thought that last year's game was worse. The weather had something to do with yesterday's game and at least there was some scoring.
Think about it: Was Wrecks Grossman any worse than Big Ben last year? Ben won, that is why you forget how badly he played.