Monday, February 05, 2007

Last night's Super Bowl commercials were a mixed bag. The trick is not taking any notes on them and trying to remember any good ones and, even more of a challenge, recalling what products were actually being advertised. I found, for instance, the office-survivor ads to be funny. But was it for or some other web-based job firm? Some promos were very short but easily memorable, such as Letterman and Oprah. Kevin Federline was able to self-deprecate for (I think) Nationwide Insurance. Gamers, I am sure, loved the Coke-Grand Theft Auto commercial, turning a criminal into a good Samaritan. And then there is the phrase "Connectile Dysfunction" for, I think, Nextel Sprint. But as one of my colleagues asked, What happens if you've been connected for more than four hours?


Anonymous said...

I think it's a damned shame -- a DAMNED SHAME -- that it took 41 Super Bowls before one featured Robert Goulet at the commercial break. He should be featured in at least one commercial per year.

But the axe murderer one was pretty awesome, too.

Victorino Matus said...

Thanks Adam for pointing this out. Indeed, this was a terrific ad starring the one and only. I also recommend going to for more Robert Goulet, including some very funny ringtones and mp3s.