Thursday, February 15, 2007

When Comics Attack

Blog Crush has video short of Joe Rogan ambushing some comic who seems to be unpopular in the stand-up world for stealing other people's jokes.

If you're not into the comedy world, you probably won't care, except for the fact that Joe Rogan makes for a kick-ass avenging angel. But the real, super-fantastic payoff is when Rogan has another comic--some tall, skinny, Jewish guy named Ari--come up onstage. Look closely. Ari's wearing a "Tap Out" shirt.

Frackin' awesome.


Anonymous said...

I like the part where your Blog Crush gets called out for stealing that bank robbing joke from's Joe Rogan post, and it's "pwned", not "pawned".

Rogan got banned from The Comedy Store for putting that video on the net, so he's the one who get "pawned". Frackin' awesome.

Anonymous said...

Wow. You're totally right, lol. What a rip off. Both posts clearly used the word "bank," so one could only have been stolen from the other.

And I'm sure Galley Slaves really, really appreciates the lesson in leetspeak. True, he never actually used the word "pawned," so you're not actually giving Galley Slaves a lesson so much as you're giving WWTDD a lesson by posting something on a completely separate blog. And true, nobody cares about the correct spelling of "pawned" except 13 year old World of Warcraft players. But we sure appreciate it all the same.

By the way, your name isn't Ned, is it?


Anonymous said...

Both posts used more than the word "bank". They both used a joke about robbing a bank related to stealing jokes, but "Blog Crush" used a different punchline hours later, on a post about stealing jokes no less.

"Blog Crush" tried to use "leetspeek" and that was the second time this week which is more pathetic when you know he's used "pwned" correctly in many other posts. "leetspeak" is foolish, but using it to sound cool and fucking it up makes "Blog Crush" an even bigger fool.

Ned and Joe are both dicks.