Friday, February 09, 2007

Nancy Drew, Dignity, etc.

How sad is this?

Last weekend, before Because I Said So, I saw the trailer for this summer’s Nancy Drew, and it’s just about as sad as you can imagine. The powers that be have taken a pretty decent teenage detective heroine and tweenified her, ditching the original premise in favor of a generic fish-out-of-water small-town girl moving-to-L.A. and dealing-with-fashion-faux-pas flick. The murder mystery seems secondary at best. It looks like a really pathetic version of Clueless for the Vacant-Stare Generation™, right down to another bad cover of “Kids in America.”

I mention this only as a segue to this tidbit: There is much unfounded speculation that Ben Stiller’s next project will be a buddy comedy with Tom Cruise, in which the two will update the freakin’ Hardy Boys with a film titled Hardy Men.


Anonymous said...

Sacrelige. Besides, there's already a modern Nancy Drew. Her name is Veronica Mars. Seriously, here's the pitch for that show: "Ok: Nancy Drew... 90210."

Actually, mostly I'm just posting because they actually acknowledged the books last week, when Keith Mars, undercover, said, "I'm Carson Drew, and this is my assistant, Nancy."


Anonymous said...

"Hardly Boys" would be more like it.