Thursday, June 28, 2007

Don't Forget About Sony

It's been hours--days, even--since we've visited the ongoing Sony PS3 debacle. So have a look at this:

Namco Bandai, Sega of Japan and Capcom are all shifting their development support to Nintendo's Wii and DS, according to a report on Variety Asia.

Leading the change in priorities is Namco Bandai, which intends to up its Nintendo output by 109 per cent with a massive 115 titles scheduled for fiscal 2007.

Also backing Nintendo is Sega, which has 49 titles due on the two formats, an increase of 96 per cent. Capcom has 20 titles in development, an increase of 5 per cent, says the survey.

It also clams that the three major publishers are slashing shipments for Sony's consoles by 30-40 per cent over the coming year.

But Blockbuster is only renting Blu-Ray!

(Too bad Blockbuster is on the fast-track to extinction.)

Update: QED: Blockbuster announces plans to close 282 stores.

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