Tuesday, June 12, 2007

The Michael Jordan of Women's Basketball Retires

It's a sad, sad day. Incidentally, does anyone remember how many "Michael Jordans of women's basketball" have been pushed on us by the Four Letter Network in recent years. I'm thinking there's been four of them (Staley, Lobo, Holdsclaw, and Taurasi), but there may have been others.

I think that's more than the "next Michael Jordans" in the mens game.


Anonymous said...

If the Michael Jordan of the WNBA falls in the forest, does anyone hear her?

Anonymous said...

I read the article, here is one of the many reasons that the WNBA (or most other women's sports) suck as a spectator sport is this line:

The news was a jolt to the Sparks (3-2), who had already lost star center Lisa Leslie to pregnancy this season.

Ralphie said...

Whither Swoopes?