Monday, June 25, 2007

Is Vince McMahon Dead?

Of course not. But this is a pretty interesting discussion of what his "death" could mean, financially speaking, for the WWE.

What interests me more is what his death could mean for wrestling creatively. Yes, I know that real wrestling fans watch TNA these days. But the problem with the WWE for the last several years has been the combination of giving up the pretense to realism while at the same time letting the McMahons dominate the storylines. They can't ever go back from becoming pure "entertainment," but maybe getting rid of the McMahons (or at least Vince) could liberate the writers. Of course, the McMahons write much of the copy, too, so they probably aren't going anywhere and this stunt will probably be short-lived. It's Crash TV all over again.

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Anonymous said...

on it had a video of mcmahon comenting about chris benoit 2 weeks l8er