Friday, June 29, 2007

Sixers News. Sigh.

Big night last night. Great draft. Couple of franchise players in the mix. And the Philadelphia '76ers were wheeling and dealing!

The 7-foot, 240-pound Smith played three years for the Rams, and is also known as a good athlete. . . .

With the 30th overall pick, the Sixers selected 19-year-old Finnish guard Petteri Koponen. They later traded Koponen to Portland for the 42nd overall pick and cash.

The Sixers already had the 38th overall pick, and used it on Ukranian center Kyrylo Fesenko. Right at the end of the night, though, the Sixers traded Fesenko to Utah for the rights to the 55th overall pick, Providence center Herbert Hill. . . .

When the 42nd pick came around, Portland took 6-foot-7, 220-pound Vanderbilt guard Derrick Byars on the Sixers' behalf.

Forget movement for movement's sake--that's how you build a dynasty!

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Anonymous said...

Hey JVL, check out the Stephen A. Smith Heckling Society of Gentlemen go at it during the 2007 NBA Draft. It is posted on YouTube and it is hilarious.