Friday, June 08, 2007

French Open Notes

Not really, because this has nothing to do with the open, but here's a rad Agassi story from back in the day:

Q. There's a story that you were in a batting cage once and ran at the machine and hit line drives. Is that true?

ANDRE AGASSI: Yeah, it is.

Q. When was that?

ANDRE AGASSI: I don't remember. A year, couple years ago. Time moves quick. It was a long time ago, I think. Probably longer than that even now.

I'm used to moving forward and hitting, and hitting moving objects so...

Q. How hard were the pitches coming?

ANDRE AGASSI: It was cranked up. I don't know. They said 90, but I don't know.

Q. Little easier with a racquet than a bat.

ANDRE AGASSI: Yeah, but it's a pitching machine. The thing's coming ‑‑ 90 miles an hour looks slow if it's not moving. That thing was just coming straight ahead, so I could hit it with a toothpick.

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