Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Amy? Yeah . . . I'm going to need to you go ahead and come in on Saturday. . . m'okay?

Amy Welborn has an excellent, TPS-ish post on morale:
"Morale" is a symptom, and those who are keen on raising our morale are usually uninterested in letting go of power in order to actually solve the problems. They don't want things to change. They want us to pretend that we are happy with the way they're operating.

You know, it's like being a teacher in a highly dysfunctional school in which someone decides that the way to fix teacher morale is to put a Coke machine in the lounge . . .

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Anonymous said...

Listen, I thought Office Space was hilarious, but Amy Welborn needs a spine transplant or at least she should fucking "suck it up." (Sports term meaning to focus on the task at hand even though you're uncomfortable, in moderate pain etc.)

Don't like the morale policy in your firm? Change it. Have the balls to start a conspiracy to destroy the Lumberghs in your office.

At will employment, my dear, means that you can leave at your discretion.

You have a blog...you're intelligent. Start your own business and have fantastic morale.

-Jason O.