Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Arab Media Bias

Wouldn't that be funny? Imagine a Chris Buckley book, maybe a sequel to Florence of Arabia, where the protagonist is trying to apply Western media standards to the Arab media. This clip of Al Jazeera staff members chanting "Down with fascist America, and with the terrorist administration!" would make a whole chapter by itself.


kwAwk said...

Its like Foxnews for the arab world. One day we'll find out that Rupert Murdoch secretly owns Al Jazeera.

I did enjoy the part where they were chanting "George Bush is not normal!" I couldn't find myself disagreeing with that but I found the choice of translation odd. Couldn't they have translated it as "Bush is a pervert"? Or "Bush is a deviant"? That would have been much more enjoyable.

Bush the facist isn't far off the mark either. Cause lord knows that everybody who doesn't agree with Bush, wants to attend group therapy sessions with terrorists.

Bizarro Jack said...
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Bizarro Jack said...

Is it any surprise that they might believe the allegations that Bush was talking about bombing Al Jazeera headquarters? As of now, sure, I don't believe it (or at worst, I still don't believe it was a serious consideration), but I wouldn't exactly be surprised if the rumor is eventually corroborated by a reliable source. Assuming you were the alleged target, and assuming that you believe it, I think it goes beyond "bias" at that point.