Thursday, November 10, 2005

Say Goodbye to These!

The Cake Editrix sends us to the Llama Butchers, who have this picture of what the network news looks like in France.

We get Brit Hume, they get her. Despite everything, God bless the French.

Bonus: Is she Elizabeth Rohm's hotter, more talented sister?

Update: Galley Friend L.B. sends along this amazing footage of Melissa Theuriau, the French Edward R. Murrow. (And this link to her Best Of and this link to her homepage.) Two observations:

(1) I could watch her insult America for hours on end.

(2) If, 50 years from now, someone makes a movie about Theuriau's career and calls it Good Night, and Good Luck, it will have a very, very different connotation.


Anonymous said...

Oh my God!

Anonymous said...

Why are you bringing up Elizabeth Rohm? Is it because she's a lesbian?

Anonymous said...

No way.

The best we've got is Jennifer Eccleston.