Thursday, November 03, 2005

Germany continues muddling its way into a new government. Edmund Stoiber of the Christian Social Union has backed out as economics minister. Franz M√ľntefering will no longer be vice chancellor. In fact he is stepping down as chairman of the Social Democrats. So now there are a few vacancies to fill for Chancellor-elect Angela Merkel, who is expected to enter office on November 18.

On the good news front, an acquaintance of mine, Hubertus Heil, has been tapped to become the next SPD general secretary. I met Hubertus at an American Council on Germany trip in 2003. He's a nice enough fellow who did a pretty good rendition of "Sweet Home Chicago" on the karaoke.

This does, however, bring up a more serious question. If Hubertus Heil runs for higher office and wins, would the headline read:

Sieg ... Heil?

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James Wigderson said...

Good thing his parents had the foresight not to name him Siegried.