Sunday, November 20, 2005

Support the Troops!

Stars & Stripes carries a typical military SNAFU story: The Armed Forces Network recently broadcast the John Travolta / Hugh Jackman disaster Swordfish, notable only for the very topless Halle Berry.

But when soldiers tuned in--the same men and women fighting to protect Ms. Berry's right to express her artistic voice by showing her cans--they found a clothed Halle Berry. It seems that the AFN gets a sanitized, near airline-quality version of movies. This is an outrage!

As Petter Officer 2nd Class Rob Morrison told Stars & Stripes, “We’re all adults here. Why should we be so sheltered overseas when people are paying for this cable service? We’re all adult enough to be fighting for our country. If I want to see a little [nudity] I think I’m entitled.”

Another fantastic nugget from the story:
Petty Officer 2nd Class Joseph Holliday had the chance to catch “Showgirls” on AFN one night.

“It was pretty funny,” Holliday said. “By the time all of the nudity and swearing was cut out, there wasn’t much left to the movie. I thought ‘Why did AFN bother showing it?’ It wasn’t because of the plot.”


Anonymous said...

Is the network run by Mormons? Or perhaps Kevin Martin?

Automatic_Wing said...

AFN sensors movies for the same reason the networks do: "Because of the children". AFN's audience is not only active-duty personnel but also the dependents of GIs stationed overseas. And because of all the different time zones we have bases in, you can't even put the racy stuff on late at night. The same guy who wants that stuff on AFN while he's in the desert would probably scream bloody murder at AFN if his impressionable young ones got a peek a Ms. Berry's assets back on post in Japan or Germany.

Anonymous said...

I hope you won't be offended by this former Marine picking a nit:
"Petter" Officer 2nd Class Rob Morrison -- you meant "Petty" not "Petter," right? You could just use the abbreviation: "PO2."