Wednesday, November 02, 2005

A Court That Looks Like America?

John Hinderaker has an excellent post on the latest bit of anti-Alito nonsense.

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Bizarro Jack said...

Powerline is useless because it doesn't allow commentary (or if it's there somewhere, I've never seen it). People should really stop reading it. It has most of the bad "blog" qualities with the big "old media" drawback: having no interaction. Why would you want to keep coming back to stand at the base of an unassailable worldwide soapbox?

(warning: I am forgoing grammar in favor of quickly sharing a half-finished thought)

That being said, I'm with him until "the same liberals consistently praise Supreme Court decisions that frustrate the wishes of most Americans?" Actually, issue by issue, most of the stretches of judicial review (which are often legitimate -- striking a law is not the same as writing a contrapositive law) . . . well, it would be more honest to say that an extremely narrow majority can cite one or more instances where they wish the supreme court had exercised judicial restraint, or at least have voted for a presidential candidate of the party that takes that position unequivocably.

I've never figured out what the 9th amendment actually means to the kind of person would use the word "judicial activist."