Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Getting Better all the Time?

Bad enough that Paul McCartney's divorce from Heather Mills has led to a nasty custody battle over daughter Beatrice. But now, a German book entitled Die Freuden der Liebe has resurfaced, supposedly with nude pictures of the former Mrs. McCartney, who claims, according to the Daily Mail, that the book was "an educational lovers' guide." Peter Wilson, who also posed for the book, told the Daily Mail, however, that the photo-shoot was "cheap, titillating and sleazy," and included "simulating sex, rubbing baby oil and whipped cream on each other, and acting out scenes with sex toys."

Like Ms. Mills said, it's educational!

On top of all this, cruder allegations have sprung, such as Mills having been a prostitute when she was in her 20s. Clients supposedly include a Saudi prince and Adnan Khashoggi. Petrina Montrose, a former call girl, claims she and Mills both spent time with the prince. From the Daily Mail:

"The prince was tall and greasy and I wanted to leave but I knew that to get my money I'd have to have sex with anyone in the room who picked me. Still, Heather was bubbling over with enthusiasm."

Miss Montrose said she was eventually summoned to the prince's bedroom to find two other women were already there naked--including Miss Mills.

When the orgy finished "Heather made no attempt to put her clothes on" she told the News of the World.

"Instead she started parading naked around the room, trying to impress the prince even more."

Sir Paul says he feels horrible about the "witch-hunt" directed at his ex-wife. On the other hand, I bet this helps his side of the custody battle.


Rick Moran said...

That fellow Khashoggi shows up more than a bad penny.

Wasn't he a player in Iran-Contra? And isn't he buddies with Chalabi?

What else with this guy? Someone check and see if he was in Paris the day Princess Di died.

Brian Moore said...

Isn't this virtually smoking gun evidence that McCartney's a bad guy? The timing's too perfect, as are the anecdotes themselves, such as Mills's comment that John Lennon was the talented Beatle.

What better way to get around not having a prenup than by announcing to the court of public opinion that "my wife's a whore, literally, and she never loved me in the first place"?

"All You Need Is Love" my ass. Apparently, you need to hang on to as much dough as possible during a divorce.