Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Nacho Libre

For whatever reason, Jack Black doesn't do it for me. He hasn't made me laugh since his brilliant turn in Bob Roberts. But lots of people seem to love him, which is the only explanation for why a movie executive would greenlight a project like Nacho Libre.

In Nacho Libre news there's this tidbit about Danny Elfman taking his credit off of the project. It's a reasonably rare occurence--particularly for someone of Elfman's stature.


Anonymous said...

The one thing that I can tell you is that my children - aged 7 and three - absolutely LOVE Jack Black. When he was hosting the Nick awards, they thought he was the best thing ever.
I think that is his real audience.

Anonymous said...

He didn't make you laugh in High Fidelity? Did you have a funny bone-otomy?

Anonymous said...

Jack Black, hipster douchebag, annoys me to no end. He's not funny, he screams and rants like a somewhat thinner and less booze-and-drug-addled Chris Farley, and he can't act.

He was only okay in High Fidelity because he was essentially playing himself: a know-it-all dickwad who feels superior to those who know less than he does.

arrScott said...

I want to not like Jack Black. The Farley comparison is largely apt, and one of my personal tests of a person's aesthetic worth is whether he has ever, in his life, laughed at Chris Farley. Finding Farley funny is a personal failing almost as damning as identifying as a Phillies fan.

And yet I can't stop watching Black. Even in really bad movies, films that I'd never volunteer to see chanced upon while flipping channels, like Envy, which was among the worst movies I've seen in a long time, I couldn't turn away. Bad, bad movie, but somehow I couldn't stop watching Jack Black.

There's currently a craze for the comedy of humiliation. Cringe-comedy like the original The Office where there aren't any jokes or even humorous juxtapositions, just a bunch of straight characters thrust into intolerable situations pushed to humiliating extremes and laughed at. On an intellectual level, I can appreciate this sort of comedy -- the original The Office really is genius -- but I also find it absolutely unwatchable. I have too much empathy for the put-upon characters, so instead of laughing I usually just cringe and plead for the mercy of the "previous channel" button.

But somehow Black manages to take that comedy of self-abasement to such an extreme that he pushes through whatever bounds of decency normally constrain my laugh reflex. I can't explain it, since finding Black funny, or even entertaining, is so at odds with every other aspect of my personality. Laughing at Jack Black feels like I just woke up from taste-reduction surgery.