Tuesday, September 05, 2006

This past Labor Day weekend, my wife and I were in Boston visiting friends. We were staying at a hotel and, before we went out, I happened to flip on the TV and catch bits of Superman II. I enjoyed the original (except for the last ten minutes, when Superman decides to fix things by reversing the earth's rotation, thus allowing for reversal of time). But just a few thoughts/questions on the sequel:

1. Did you know the story and screenplay are attributed to Mario Puzo?

2. Or that General Zod is played by Terence Stamp?

3. Superman's mother warns her son that once he chooses to become a human being, there is no turning back. So how was he able to turn back?

4. Did the Fortress of Solitude really come equipped with those silver satin sheets for superconsummation?

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Ralphie said...

Perhaps you were lucky enough to miss the parade of extra superpowers at the film's finale. It is truly a terrible movie. I wonder how the recently released "Richard Donner cut" plays...

(and don't forget this one; Once Supes lost his powers, how did he and Lois return to Metropolis from the Fortress of Solitude?)