Sunday, January 21, 2007

Aussie Open Notes

Saw a lot of the new Serena Williams this weekend:

"Get the champ some peanut-butter brickle ice cream!"


Bizarro Jack said...

One day, a friend or family member with an eating disorder or body dysmorphia will cause to think back on this joke or one like it, and I hope that it is very upsetting to you. I don't really believe much in taboo, especially with regards to jokes, so I don't want to ham-handedly insult the rich historical tradition of the fat joke,* but I find it extremely upsetting that you would imply that a professional athlete, near the top of her craft, is too fat (I don't watch tennis, I don't know the rankings, but I know there are hundreds of thousands of tennis players who have never gotten close to Wimbledon, or whatever). She is a picture of health and beauty, and every time I hear someone's story of bulimia or anorexia, my sensitive disposition leaves me very irritated with people who make insulting mis-placed comments like this. As a man, I have to remind myself of the double standard that allows me to swell to 200 and walk around proudly with this spare tire, and nobody gives a crap.

* I may actually do that some other time, but I think this is a special case. Usually, I just don't laugh.

Anonymous said...

Perhaps steatopygia? Then again, she's really the only one male or female who can match Nadal's guns.