Tuesday, January 16, 2007


Blog Crush II has an awesome video of Prince Peyton. Scroll all the way down.

Seriously: If Manning wins, or even get to, the SuperBowl, ESPN and other NFL telecasts will become totally unwatchable next season.

For no good reason, here are Archie Manning's career stats. Go look the up the next time one of the ESPN heads talks about his greatness. That's right, 125 TDs vs. 173 INTs, lifetime. Only two seasons with more TDs than INTs.

I'm not sure he'd even start in today's NFL.


Red said...

Between Manning and the world's most annoying fans (meaning you, Pats fan), can the AFC get any worse? Please, just let the Saints beat whomever emerges from that hellish conference...

Anonymous said...

The Saints will be beating one thing on Super Bowl Sunday, but it won't be the AFC.

Hey, they've gotta do something to entertain themselves while the Bears bring home the gold.

That Dude said...

The team u least want to win is the saints....i dont think i can take anymore stories about how the saints have HEALED the katrina victims.