Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Impossible is the Opposite of Possible

Galley Friend C.L. gives me, and you, this amazing, beautiful gift: George Michael Bluth doing Aleksey Vayner. Is it better than anything you could possibly imagine? Yes.


Anonymous said...

I've never met Galley Friend C.L., but if this is the kind of thing he bothers you with, then he is not your friend. He is what we successful blog commenters refer to as a "loser" and you must cut him out of your life.

Did you think I was going away, Jonathan? Surely you knew I would be back! I WILL NOT BE IGNORED!!! WHY WON'T MARY KATHERINE HAM BE MY FRIEND WITH PRIVILEGES?!?

Anonymous said...

Listen, troll, for the love of God, unplug your Dell Inspiron 5100 laptop. You do not belong here.

Your comments do not reflect JVL's readership. Surely you know this! WHY DO YOU PERSIST IN UPSETTING THE SLAVES?!? YOU WILL NEVER BE HEWITT'S FRIEND IF YOU KEEP THIS SHIT UP!!!

Anonymous said...

Quite apart from this idiot's self-referential commentary, I for one would love to see Mary Katherine Ham drop her top. Seriously. I'd be like a diamond in an ice storm if she just exposed those footward-pointing nipples to God's clean, fresh air.

Anonymous said...

Oh, right, which reminds me: pursuant to Megan's Law, I am required by law to disclose that I am a registered blah blah blah. The important thing is that MKH is one hot tamale, and that she doesn't draw her blinds when she takes a bath.