Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Episcopalian Monster Truck Ad

Galley Friend C.W. has sent us this unspeakably funny radio ad for St. Andrew's Episcopal Church. The ad, which C.W. said was commissioned, but never aired, was done up in the style of Monster Truck Rally ads. As in:

This Sunday-Sunday-Sunday! It's a Sacramental Showdown at St. Andrew's!

I'd transcribe more of it here, but you wouldn't believe me. So just click on the link and turn the volume up. Because this is the funniest thing you'll hear in 2007.

Bonus: The St. Andrew's in question is this church in Birmingham, Alabama.


Anonymous said...

Here's some more of the backstory:

Anonymous said...

The Monster Truck Circuit knoweth only one Holy Trinity: Bigfoot, Awesome Kong, and Tr-tr-tr-TRUCKZILLA.

Unknown said...

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