Friday, January 12, 2007

Short Sony. Now.

From Galley Friend S.B. comes this AICN entry indicating that porn producers seem to be choosing HD-DVD over Sony's Blu-Ray.

Update: The NPD console numbers are out:

Official hardware statistics reveal that despite the addition of new hardware to the market, Sony's PlayStation 2 was still the biggest selling home system, clocking up 1.4 million units for December, and 37.1 million to date in the US.

Microsoft's Xbox 360 added another 1.1 million units in December to a total of 4.5 million units since launch, while Nintendo's Wii sold 604,200 units for the month - with year end sales at 1.1 million.

Although Sony recently announced it had shipped one million PS3 units to North America, NPD data reveals the new console has only sold 687,000 of those, with 490,700 units sold in December.


Christopher said...

Jim Cramer just last night touted what a great buy Sony is right now. After reading your post, now there are two reasons to short Sony.

Anonymous said...

Bill Simmons, "The Sports Guy", got to demo a PS3 a few months back and immediately declared everyone should go out and buy Sony stock. That guy is a moron.

Bizarro Jack said...

I know it's actually several different companies under one umbrella, but I still hate them because they tried to install root kits on people's computers. I don't care how much "better" a PS3 is than anything else, and I hope they fail miserably.