Monday, January 08, 2007

Pepper . . . and Salt!

Words of wisdom from Galley Friend M.G.:

Being from Philadelphia, this is all we can hope for--all we live for. We can never win the Big One. But if we can ruin the Giants' and Cowboys' seasons . . . that's our measure for success. That's our SuperBowl.

True that.

This has been the most satisfying year of Eagles fandom in my lifetime. Consider:

* The Birds beat the Cowboys twice--holding Terrell Owens to 6 catches for 68 yards and exposing him as the washed-up nutcase he is.

* Owens had a 1-year contract with Dallas and now that the rest of the league has seen that he's as used up as LiLo's cooter, it's nothing but short money from now on. The Cowboys might pick up his 1-year option for next year, but I bet he's substitute teaching within three.

* Tony Romo's bungled hold against the Seahawks was the best Dallas defeat ever (non-Philadelphia division). It was so good that it didn't even matter what happened to the Birds on Sunday.

* Listening to Parcells rip Romo after the game ("It looked like a good snap"), it appeared that (a) the Great Tuna might not be coming back to Dallas and (b) Romo's confidence might be shattered, Chuck Knobloch-stizz.

* Let's be clear: The Eagles have no--zero--chance of beating New Orleans on the road. But by beating the Giants last night, they contributed to the Legend of Manning. I hear squash season begins the second week of February.

* Also, last night's win probably signed Tom Coughlin's coaching death warrant.

Just in case you're keeping score, that's at least three, maybe even four or five, Giant/Cowboy careers wrecked by the Eagles this year. Fucking awesome. To be honest, I bet winning a championship is nowhere near as satisfying. Not that I'd know.

(And the Birds went to the playoffs with a backup QB, which doesn't happen every day in this league.)

How good was this season? So good that, for today, at least, I don't even care that Malibu Brownie has returned to Sixers management and looks to be about 12 months from taking over the head coach job. If Billie King wants me to buy a Nuggets jersey that badly, then . . .


Anonymous said...

"Also, last night's win probably signed Tom Coughlin's coaching death warrant."

Why exactly do you perceive this as a GOOD thing for Igles fans? As a Giants fan, I was scared to death yesterday in the 4th Q that the Giants might pull out that game thereby saving Coughlin's career.

What you guys want is to extend Coughlin, not to have him fired. The Giants season was the equivalent of Ray Rhodes's 1997 season - and we don't want to go through what the Igles went through in '98.

Anonymous said...

Keep it up JVL. Just a couple more weeks of "no--zero--chance" and "no future in its current configuation" and we'll have the Lombardi Trophy.