Monday, January 22, 2007

My Fast Wants to Hump Peter Stormare

The best ad series of the year has got to be VW's new GTI series, "Un-Pimp Your Ride." The spots feature Peter Stormare doing a hipster/mad-scientist character that's a melding of his characters from Big Lebowski and Minority Report, with of dash of Sprockets added for good measure. The only way these ads could be better would be if he threw in a barely-audible cluck-ing sound.

This one is the best of the group:

Check out the wild look in his eyes just before he gets to the catch-phrase, "Time to un-pimp ze auto..." Priceless.

The two other entries in the series are here and here.


WershovenistPig said...

"Djerman engineering in da house, ja."

Quality find. Almost as good as the classic faux VW jihad ad:

Anonymous said...

Oh Schnapp!!!

I love these ads and the look of the new GTI's. I hope the understated look catches on and it leads to a lot less of those god awful 2fast2wannabe atrocities we see blighting the road.

Not like German cars didn't rule in the first place though

Anonymous said...

Twenty years ago this guy was playing Hamlet under the direction of Ingmar Bergman. I'm not saying, "What the hell's happened to him?" I'm just stating a fact. I loved him in Fargo.

Anonymous said...

Weeer heeeer wit Trley and Rlaaaide.
Stormaire is fucking brilliant. Go see Dancer in the Dark or the Big Lebowski.
Peter, he may have been Hamlet for Bergman, but it didn't pay dick. The VeeDub commercials and Prison Break probably come with nice fat paychecks, can't blame a guy for finally cashing in.

Anonymous said...

20 years ago, de Niro was playing in The Goodfellas... Now what the eck is happening to HIM??? Who cares??? You can't compare stage and movies... It's like comparing opera and the sex pistols... Stormare is one of the best actors nowadays... Bergman or not (yeah yeah play Hamlet with Bergan for 5 years and we'll talk about it...Armageddon's funnier to play...)