Thursday, October 04, 2007

Eagles "News"?

I'm such a super-fan that I didn't even rebut the blind commenter who suggested, after the Redskins loss, that the Eagles were a playoff team--because I want him to be right!

Sadly, I don't think he is. Here's a rumor floating around in Philly that would be kind of a big deal, if true:

It’s been a constant rumor all year, but after Sunday night’s loss to the Giants, sources close to Andy Reid and the team say there’s a strong possibility Reid may get off the sidelines sooner than expected. All year, Reid’s family troubles have been taking a noticeable toll, and many of his players are biding their time until Big Red makes an announcement. With Marty Mornhinweg already assuming much of the offense, Reid’s a lame-duck coach at this point, just poking around on the sidelines to keep his mind off of his woes. The likely scenario is inserting Mornhinweg in the coach’s seat so Reid can ride out the rest of his contract as Executive Vice President of Football Operations, leaving him more time with his fractured family.

However, the next graph sounds so implausible that it lessens the credibility of the first:

Also, sources are saying with Donovan McNabb most likely spending his last year in Philadelphia, this bye week might be the best possible time for the organization to officially switch gears. McNabb will continue to start (for now), but regardless of how the season turns out, this is most likely his victory lap in Philadelphia.

If you're in the Birds management and you think this is the end of the road for McNabb, don't you keep him in there and try to beef up his numbers as much as possible in order to keep his trade value high?

Galley Brother B.J. adds:

I'm having so much fun picturing Lovie Smith's speech to his team before the Eagles play the Bears in Chicago on 10/21:

Defense, remember when you're sacking McNabb, be gentle. We need him
healthy for next season. And, instead of the usual trash talk, of "I'll
fuck you til you love me," "all day, baby, all day," "you ain't getting
shit off motherfucker"--say things like, "that's a shame, our line might
not be the best, but they don't give up this many sacks," or "do your
receivers ever get open? You know Berriman & Mohmed are quite good at
getting open." Or maybe, "listen to those Bears fans, they're fantastic, they love their team and their players." Just be nice to him & stress how great it
is to play in Chicago.

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Anonymous said...

As long as Marty doesn't choose to take the wind, you'll be just fine. Just fine.