Thursday, October 25, 2007

Get Matus on Line One

Casino refuses to pay out $1.6 million jackpot--says slotmachine malfunctioned in awarding it. This at an Indian Native-American casino.

That's great. The jokes--the terrible, offensive, racist jokes--write themselves.

P.S.: I'm not suggesting Matus should be called in for making the jokes, rather that no one feels a gambler's outrage like he does. Just so we're clear.

I wonder what Galley Friend and Hoya Superfan P.L. would have done . . .


Anonymous said...

Hopefully, he would apologize to Vanderbilt for the fraudulent no-call on Jeff Green's obvious travel.

Victorino Matus said...

Regarding casino outrages, I've been fortunate not to have suffered such indignities as "malfunctioning" slot machines because I rarely play them. (Yes, on occasion, I've hit rock bottom and threw in a few quarters at a Wheel of Fortune unit at McCarran airport at 10pm while waiting for a red-eye back to DC, hoping to miraculously make up for losses at the Golden Nugget craps table.) But a good friend of mine did lose it at blackjack once--he shredded his boarding pass (we were on a riverboat), pointed at the dealer, and called her ugly.

And don't even get me started on what Jay Bilas and John Feinstein (not Hoya fans) have already concluded was legit!