Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Quote of the Week

Following Buffalo's loss to Dallas last night, ESPN's Stuart Scott asked his fellow commentators, Steve Young and Emmitt Smith, that had they not known the outcome, with so little time remaining and with Romo's multiple interceptions, what two words would've come to mind:

Steve Young: Dallas. Lose.

Emmitt Smith: Dallas. Lose. Big. Time.


Anonymous said...

If I was Emmitt my answer would have been, "stupid question."

Jeez, Stuart Scott and his lazy eye are retarded.

Scrutineer said...

Question for the resident Eagles fan(s):

Did people call Jaworski "Jaws" when he was the Eagles QB? I don't recall hearing this embarrassing nickname before last year, but maybe I have a bad memory.

Jonathan V. Last said...

Jaws has been "Jaws" for my entire memory of him, beginning in first or second grade. Or at least that's what all the cool kids at my Quaker school called him.